What to consider

With the many options available to chose from, we will support you in finding the most fitting memorial at a price you will feel comfortable with.

How to choose the right memorial for your loved one

When choosing a memorial, it’s important to understand the options available to you depending upon whether it be a Cemetery, Churchyard or Cremation Memorial.

Things to Consider


The siting of your memorial will be taken into account when deciding on the colour, finish and size of your memorial. Cemeteries will have more relaxed regulations, whilst Churchyards generally prefer a more traditional style and colour.

Memorial Style

Your memorial maybe a full-sized cemetery memorial with surround, a headstone, cremation plaque or vase. We will be able to assist you in finding the perfect size and style to suit the location of your lasting tribute.


The natural surroundings of your memorial will reflect upon the maintenance needed. Granite is non-porous so will require minimal cleaning. If you do prefer a traditional stone, this will weather and quickly blend into the surroundings of an old churchyard.

Design & Wording

Once you have decided upon your memorial. You will have time to think about the wording. You may opt for a simplistic inscription or decide to add a verse or phrase celebrating the memory of your loved one.Taking into account regulations within the grounds.

Individual Design

Many families now choose to add a photo plaque of their loved ones. This is one option to further personalise your memorial. We specialise in diamond etched, sandblasted or engraved portraits, images or even something you have designed yourself.


Wherever your memorial is erected, permissions will need to be obtained from the necessary authority. We will make the application on your behalf, after firstly liaising with the relevant authority to confirm that your chosen memorial will comply with their individual regulations. The fees will vary by authority.

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