The lettering style greatly enhances the appearance of your memorial. We will work with you to create a style and colour to compliment the type of stone you have chosen.

How to choose the right lettering type for your memorial

We specialise in sandblasted inscriptions, well suited to Granite memorials. We can also offer hand or machine cut, and leaded inscriptions for more traditional stones.

Lettering considerations

Inscription Types

Sandblasted Inscriptions are well suited to granite memorials and offer a huge selection of fonts as well as designs. Hand, machine cut or leaded inscriptions are the preferred method for traditional stone types.

Inscription Finishes

Your inscription finish will compliment your choice of memorial colour. Our hand applied gilding is carried out using 23ct gold leaf. We also offer enamel painted inscriptions in a variety of colours. With tradtional stones, the inscription can be cut and left unfinished.

Inscription Styles

With the huge selection of fonts there is to chose from, we will provide a proof of your inscription and any ornamentation. You will have comfort knowing that this can be amended any number of times until you are 100% happy with the layout.

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